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I’m Onyx Des Fees De Breiz but in town people call me Onyx. I was born on February 3, 2018 at Parey Vieille Poste in southern of Paris. I have left my auntie Patricia Salvadori and Benlalam Corinne, my mother, my 10 brothers and sisters, the very lively and noisy Paris region overflown by a flight of planes, to join my father and my grandmother in Eyrans, north of Bordeaux.

My master and i took our time to get to know each other. He used all his patience to overcome my shyness and teach me some of the rules of operation of my new home.

I tamed Isi, my father and Gwen, my grandmother, with whom I had fun like crazy. I love jumping from a kennel to the other, chewing my new pals’ ears, climbing on the armchairs and the pieces of furniture… but I feel that it won’t last so, I make the most of it. My master promised he would get me some sessions in a school for dogs !