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A mating was carried out on December 24, 2023, in Italy. Confirmation or not of gestation, the January 24, 2024 !


I fell in love with a new companion, full of affection and energy. By his presence, his loyalty, his constancy and love of life he is an exellent companion. I present my first Portuguese Water Dog, Gwen. Her stage name is Gwendoline Da Luz Do Mar. Gwen is a young female with an severe expression, an penetrating look. She is awake and has excellent views and a good nose. With exceptional intelligence, she understands and follows easily and enjoy all the orders of his master.

First of all, I am keen to thank Mister Rui Raimundo (Luz Do Mar) for having entrusted this little pearl to me and given such invaluable advise to me. I also pay tribute to Raimundo for his patience, for having given me some news on a regular basis and by sending Gwendoline’s photos.

The Portuguese Water Dog fits all the family situations. He is compatible with young children. He is a dog who needs a house with a closed-fence where he could run. He is a perfect companion for a sporty master. He’s not stingy with bathing, on the seaside, in the water flows, or in the lakes. Living in a flat is not recommended.

Gwendoline da luz Do Mar

The portuguese water dog, an faithful friend with an overflowing joy of life.

chien d'eau portugais, portuguese water dog

I live near Bordeaux (France), and if you wish to, you can contact me by mail or on my mobile phone : 0033 612104640.