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Artificial insemination intra-uterine : Three techniques.

The intrauterine insemination involves depositing sperm into the uterus very close to the place of fertilization. The main problem for the sperm to fertilize eggs (and therefore pregnancy) is the vagina, ending by the vaginal cervix (the opening to the uterus).

An inflammation of the vagina can disturb the arrival of sperm in the uterus, or kill them completely, a common cause of reduced fertility or sterility. On the other hand, an old dog suffering from genitalia (prostate ,...) can have a diminished quality of semen causing a decline in fertility, or more frequently prolificacy (reduced number of puppies).

The intra-uterine insemination can shunt this first difficulty - the vagina - but can also reduce by 10 the number of sperm required for the bitch to be pregnant and prolific. The video-endoscopy permits to pass the cervix and to deposit the semen directly into the uterus. Unlike other techniques for intra-uterine insemination : the video-endoscopy technique is not traumatic and rapid ( versus surgery : general anesthesia and opening of the abdomen ) and the owner can directly see the passage of the cervix and the site of semen deposition ( versus Scandinavian technique or Andersen technique : blind ). The place of deposit of semen in the uterus is identical with the three techniques (surgical, scandinavian, video endoscopy).

( Source : Dr X. Levy )